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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Ab initio study of irradiation tolerance for different M(n+1)AX(n) phases: Ti3SiC2 and Ti3AlC2Zhao, Shijun; Xue, Jianming; Wang, Yugang; Huang, Qing
2012Accumulation efficiency of cancer stem-like cells post gamma-ray and proton irradiationQuan, Yi; Wang, Weikang; Fu, Qibin; Mei, Tao; Wu, Jingwen; Li, Jia; Yang, Gen; Wang, Yugang
2017Association of elevated reactive oxygen species and hyperthermia induced radiosensitivity in cancer stem-like cellsFu, Qibin; Huang, Tuchen; Wang, Xudong; Lu, Chunyang; Liu, Feng; Yang, Gen; Wang, Yugang; Wang, Biao
2015Atomic Layer Deposition Modified Track-Etched Conical Nanochannels for Protein SensingWang, Ceming; Fu, Qibin; Wang, Xinwei; Kong, Delhi; Sheng, Qian; Wang, Yugang; Chen, Qiang; Xue, Jianming
2009A Biomimetic Potassium Responsive Nanochannel: G-Quadruplex DNA Conformational Switching in a Synthetic NanoporeHou, Xu; Guo, Wei; Xia, Fan; Nie, Fu-Qiang; Dong, Hua; Tian, Ye; Wen, Liping; Wang, Lin; Cao, Liuxuan; Yang, Yang; Xue, Jianming; Song, Yanlin; Wang, Yugang; Liu, Dongsheng; Jiang, Lei
2010A biomimetic zinc activated ion channelTian, Ye; Hou, Xu; Wen, Liping; Guo, Wei; Song, Yanlin; Sun, Hongzhe; Wang, Yugang; Jiang, Lei; Zhu, Daoben
2013Boundary condition and pre-strain effects on the free standing indentation response of graphene monolayerZhou, Lixin; Wang, Yugang; Cao, Guoxin
2008Bystander/abscopal effects induced in intact Arabidopsis seeds by low-energy heavy-ion radiationYang, Gen; Mei, Tao; Yuan, Hano; Zhang, Weiming; Chen, Lianyun; Xue, Jianming; Wu, Lijun; Wang, Yugang
Jan-2020Cancer stem-like cells with hybrid epithelial/mesenchymal phenotype leading the collective invasionQuan, Qianghua; Wang, Xudong; Lu, Chunyang; Ma, Wenzong; Wang, Yugang; Xia, Guoliang; Wang, Chao; Yang, Gen
2015Capacity of graphite's layered structure to suppress the sputtering yield: A molecular dynamics studyTian, Jiting; Zheng, Tao; Yang, Jiangyan; Kong, Shuyan; Xue, Jianming; Wang, Yugang; Nordlund, Kai
Sep-2022Capture capability of different intrinsic structures for helium bubbles in micro-nano composite 304L steelsGao, Zhiying; Huang, Jia; Liu, Haocheng; Ge, Wei; Su, Yue; Luo, Fengping; Liu, Guoying; Shen, Tongde; Xue, Jianming; Wang, Yugang; Wang, Chenxu
2012Chemical bonding assisted damage production in single-walled carbon nanotubes induced by low-energy ionsZhao, Shijun; Xue, Jianming; Wang, Yugang; Yan, Sha
2022Comparative Analysis of Upset-Multiplicity Occurrences due to Flash X-rays and Pulsed Neutrons in Commercial SRAMsQi, Chao; Chen, Wei; Wang, Yugang; Wang, Guizhen; Li, Ruibin; Bai, Xiaoyan; Jin, Xiaoming
2019Comparison of ionization track structure models for electronic devices of different sizesLiu, Jizhe; Yan, Sha; Xue, Jianming; Wang, Yugang
2019Comparison of irradiation tolerance of two MAX phases-Ti-4 AlN3 and Ti2AlNYang, Tengfei; Wang, Chenxu; Liu, Wulong; Liu, Shaoshuai; Xiao, Jingren; Huang, Qing; Wang, Yugang; Zinkle, Steven J.
2000Computer simulation of thermal-mechanical effects of high intensity pulsed ion beams on a metal surfaceLe, Xiaoyun; Yan, Sha; Zhao, Weijiang; Han, Baoxi; Wang, Yugang; Xue, Jianming
2012Concentration-Gradient-Dependent Ion Current Rectification in Charged Conical NanoporesCao, Liuxuan; Guo, Wei; Wang, Yugang; Jiang, Lei
Sep-2020Construction and Preclinical Evaluation of( 211)At Labeled Anti-mesothelin Antibodies as Potential Targeted Alpha Therapy DrugsWang, Xudong; Ma, Wenzong; Liu, Weihao; Ma, Huan; Yang, Yuanyou; Wang, Yugang; Liu, Ning; Yang, Gen
2008Controllable etching of heavy ion tracks with organic solvent addition in etchantGuo, Wei; Xue, Jianming; Wang, Lin; Wang, Yugang
2008Controllable etching of heavy ion tracks with organic solvent addition in etchantGuo, Wei; Xue, Jianming; Wang, Lin; Wang, Yugang