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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Association between SNPs in genes involved in folate metabolism and preterm birth riskWang B J; Liu M J; Wang Y; Dai J R; Tao J Y; Wang S N; Zhong N; Chen Y
2016Augmented CD25 and CD69 expression on circulating CD8+ T cells in type 2 diabetes mellitus with albuminuriaLei L; Cui L; Mao Y; Zhang X; Jiang Q; Dong S; Wang Y
2002Beta-turn formation by a six-residue linear peptide in solutionGao F; Wang Y; Qiu Y; Li Y; Sha Y; Lai L; Wu H
1994Bioconcentration of cadmium in water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in relation to thiol group contentDing X; Jiang J; Wang Y; Wang W; Ru B
2018Cleaning efficacy of different solvents on sealer-contaminated dentin surfaceZang H L; Wang Y; Liang Y H
2015Clinical research of percutaneous vertebroplasty or percutaneous kyphoplasty for treating osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures induced by glucocorticosteroidSun H L; Li C D; Zhu J L; Yi X D; Liu H; Lu H L; Li H; Yu Z R; Wang Y
2018Clinical study of low cytomegalovirus viral load thresholds for preemptive antiviral therapy in hematopoietic cell transplant recipientsLi L; Wang Y; Yan C H; Huang X J
2001Comparison between therapeutic effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation with the frequency of 2 Hz and 100 Hz on Chronic inflammatory pain in ratsJiang Y X; Wang Y; Liu H X
2016Comparison of immune reconstitution at early stage after unmanipulated haploidentical stem cell transplantation between high- and standard- risk Philadelphia chromosome- negative acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients in CR1Bian Z L; Chang Y J; Xu L P; Wang Y; Zhang X H; Liu K Y; Huang X J
2015Comparison of two kinds of methods evaluating the degree of facial asymmetry by three-dimensional dataXiong Y X; Yang H F; Zhao Y J; Wang Y
2015Computer-aided analysis with Image J for quantitatively assessing psoriatic lesion areaSun Z; Wang Y; Ji S; Wang K; Zhao Y
2016Cone-beam CT evaluation of alveolar ridge modification subject to immediate implant with immediate loading and delayed loadingWang Y; Lin Y; Chen B; Zhang Y; Di P; Yi C
2014Diagnostic value of dilated intercellular space and histopathologic scores in gastroesophageal reflux diseaseCui R; Zhang H; Zhou L; Lu J; Xue Y; Wang Y; Yan X; Lin L; Lin S
2001Effects of ovulation induction on expression of integrins alpha 4 beta 1 in endometriumWang Y; Chen Y; Li M
2001Expression in E. coli and chemotactic activity analyzing of recombinant CC-chemokine RANTESSun R H; Wang Y; Zhong Y C; Ma D L
2001Expression of two types of melanoma antigens in hepatocellular carcinomaCai S; Leng X; Wang Y
2007Hippocampal shape analysis of Alzheimer disease based on machine learning methodsLi S; Shi F; Pu F; Li X; Jiang T; Xie S; Wang Y
2016Impact of different surgical methods of radical cystectomy on the perioperative complications in patients over 75 yearsMeng Y S; Wang Y; Fan Y; Su Y; Liu Z H; Yu W; Chen C; Zhou L Q; Zhang Q; He Z S; Jin J
2017Improved performance of quantitative collagen parameters versus standard histology in longitudinal assessment of nonadvanced liver fibrosis for chronic hepatitis BWang Y; Liang X; Yang J; Wang H; Tan D; Chen S; Cheng J; Chen Y; Sun J; Rong F; Yang W; Liu H; Liu Z; Zheng Y; Liang J; Li S; Liu Z; Hou J
2015Leukocyte chemotactic factor 2 associated renal amyloidosis: one case reportWang Y; Wang S X; Zhang Y K