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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2024Ab initio generalized Langevin equationXie, Pinchen; Car, Roberto; Weinan, E.
6-Jan-2022Algorithms for solving high dimensional PDEs: from nonlinear Monte Carlo to machine learningWeinan, E.; Han, Jiequn; Jentzen, Arnulf
2013Asymptotic Analysis of Quantum Dynamics in Crystals: the Bloch-Wigner Transform, Bloch Dynamics and Berry PhaseWeinan, E.; Lu, Jian-feng; Yang, Xu
2024Deep mechanism reduction (DeePMR) method for fuel chemical kineticsWang, Zhiwei; Zhang, Yaoyu; Lin, Pengxiao; Zhao, Enhan; Weinan, E.; Zhang, Tianhan; Xu, Zhi-Qin John
22-Jul-2020Deep neural network for the dielectric response of insulatorsZhang, Linfeng; Chen, Mohan; Wu, Xifan; Wang, Han; Weinan, E.; Car, Roberto
2018Deep Potential Molecular Dynamics: A Scalable Model with the Accuracy of Quantum MechanicsZhang, Linfeng; Han, Jiequn; Wang, Han; Car, Roberto; Weinan, E.
2018Deep Potential: A General Representation of a Many-Body Potential Energy SurfaceHan, Jiequn; Zhang, Linfeng; Car, Roberto; Weinan, E.
2018The Deep Ritz Method: A Deep Learning-Based Numerical Algorithm for Solving Variational ProblemsWeinan, E.; Yu, Bing
Aug-2020DP-GEN: A concurrent learning platform for the generation of reliable deep learning based potential energy modelsZhang, Yuzhi; Wang, Haidi; Chen, Weijie; Zeng, Jinzhe; Zhang, Linfeng; Wang, Han; Weinan, E.
2008Effectiveness of implicit methods for stiff stochastic differential equationsLi, Tiejun; Abdulle, Assyr; Weinan, E.
2013Efficient iterative method for solving the Dirac-Kohn-Sham density functional theoryLin, Lin; Shao, Sihong; Weinan, E.
Jan-2022Efficient sampling of high-dimensional free energy landscapes using adaptive reinforced dynamicsWang, Dongdong; Wang, Yanze; Chang, Junhan; Zhang, Linfeng; Wang, Han; Weinan, E.
2009A general strategy for designing seamless multiscale methodsWeinan, E.; Ren, Weiqing; Vanden-Eijnden, Eric
2005The heterogeneous multi-scale method for homogenization problemsWeinan, E.; Engquist, Bj?rn
2012The heterogeneous multiscale methodAbdulle, Assyr; Weinan, E.; Engquist, Bjoern; Vanden-Eijnden, Eric
2018How SGD Selects the Global Minima in Over-parameterized Learning: A Dynamical Stability PerspectiveWu, Lei; Ma, Chao; Weinan, E.
Apr-2023Hybrid Auxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo for Molecular SystemsChen, Yixiao; Zhang, Linfeng; Weinan, E.; Car, Roberto
2016Interfacial diffusion aided deformation during nanoindentationSamanta, Amit; Weinan, E.
2017Joint Learning of response ranking and next utterance suggestion in human-computer conversation systemYan, Rui; Zhao, Dongyan; Weinan, E.
Jun-2022An L-2 Analysis of Reinforcement Learning in High Dimensions with Kernel and Neural Network ApproximationLong, Jihao; Han, Jiequn; Weinan, E.