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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Alleviating the Knowledge-Language Inconsistency: A Study for Deep Commonsense KnowledgeZhang, Yi; Li, Lei; Wu, Yunfang; Su, Qi; Sun, Xu
2021Asking Questions Like Educational Experts: Automatically Generating Question-Answer Pairs on Real-World Examination DataQu, Fanyi; Jia, Xin; Wu, Yunfang
2007Building chinese sense annotated corpus with the help of software toolsWu, Yunfang; Jin, Peng; Guo, Tao; Yu, Shiwen
2006A Chinese corpus with word sense annotationWu, Yunfang; Jin, Peng; Zhang, Yangsen; Yu, Shimen
2013Chinese Discourse Relation Recognition Using Parallel CorpusXu, Yifeng; Wu, Yunfang
2019Coherent Comment Generation for Chinese Articles with a Graph-to-Sequence ModelLi, Wei; Xu, Jingjing; He, Yancheng; Yan, Shengli; Wu, Yunfang; Sun, Xu
2011Combining Contextual and Structural Information for Supersense Tagging of Chinese Unknown WordsQiu, Likun; Wu, Yunfang; Shao, Yanqiu
2013Corpus-based method for differentiating genuine and spurious combinational ambiguityQiu, Likun; Hu, Helei; Wu, Yunfang
2012Detect thesaurus errors based on distributional similarityQiu, Likun; Wu, Yunfang; Kang, Shiyong
2010Disambiguating dynamic sentiment ambiguous adjectivesWu, Yunfang; Wen, Miaomiao
2008Disambiguating Sentiment Ambiguous AdjectivesWu, Yunfang; Wang, Miao; Jin, Peng
2009Disambiguating Sentiment Ambiguous AdjectivesWu, Yunfang; Wang, Miao; Jin, Peng
2009Disambiguating Sentiment Ambiguous AdjectivesWu, Yunfang; Wang, Miao; Jin, Peng
2012Distributional Similarity for Chinese: Exploiting Characters and RadicalsJin, Peng; Carroll, John; Wu, Yunfang; McCarthy, Diana
2008Ensembles of classifiers for Chinese word sense disambiguationWu, Yunfang; Wang, Miao; Jin, Peng; Yu, Shiwen
2021EQG-RACE: Examination-Type Question GenerationJia, Xin; Zhou, Wenjie; Sun, Xu; Wu, Yunfang
2017Exploiting explicit matching knowledge with long short-term memoryBao, Xinqi; Wu, Yunfang
2008Exploiting External Knowledge Sources to Improve Kernel-based Word Sense DisambiguationJin, Peng; Li, Fuxin; Zhu, Danqing; Wu, Yunfang; Yu, Shiwen
2013Exploiting hierarchical discourse structure for review sentiment analysisWang, Fei; Wu, Yunfang
2022Exploiting Word Semantics to Enrich Character Representations of Chinese Pre-trained ModelsLi, Wenbiao; Sun, Rui; Wu, Yunfang