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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of Hemodynamic Changes in Early Stage after Carotid Stenting by Transcranial Doppler-A Preliminary StudyYan, Ziguang; Yang, Min; Niu, Guochen; Zou, Yinghua
2023Aquaporin 4 Mediates the Effect of Iron Overload on Hydrocephalus After Intraventricular HemorrhageLi, Ying; Nan, Ding; Liu, Ran; Li, Jieyu; Zhang, Zhuangzhuang; Deng, Jianwen; Zhang, Yang; Yan, Ziguang; Hou, Chao; Yao, Ensheng; Sun, Weiping; Wang, Zhaoxia; Huang, Yining
8-Jun-2020Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell-derived endothelial cells increase capillary density and accelerate angiogenesis in mouse hindlimb ischemia modelYao, Ziping; Liu, Huihui; Yang, Min; Bai, Yun; Zhang, Bihui; Wang, Chengen; Yan, Ziguang; Niu, Guochen; Zou, Yinghua; Li, Yuan
2019Cerebral Hemodynamic Variations in the Early Stage after Carotid Artery Stenting in Patients with and without Near OcclusionYan, Ziguang; Yang, Min; Niu, Guochen; Zhang, Bihui; Tong, Xiaoqiang; Zou, Yinghua
2017The diagnosis and endovascular therapy of renal artery aneurysm A 32-patient case reportTang, Shiying; Niu, Guochen; Fang, Dong; Yan, Ziguang; Zhang, Bihui; Li, Xuesong; Yang, Min; Zhou, Liqun
24-Apr-2020Endovascular Treatment of Chronic Total Occlusion in the Subclavian Artery: A Review of 23 CasesNiu, Guochen; Yan, Ziguang; Zhang, Bihui; Yang, Min
2019Hemodynamic Surveillance of Unilateral Carotid Artery Stenting in Patients With or Without Contralateral Carotid Occlusion by TCD/TCCD in the Early Stage Following ProcedureYan, Ziguang; Yang, Min; Niu, Guochen; Zhang, Bihui; Tong, Xiaoqiang; Guo, Hongjie; Zou, Yinghua
Apr-2021Novel approach of rigid bronchoscopy concurrent with cesarean section and bronchial arterial embolism for patients with massive hemoptysis during pregnancy: case reports and literature reviewYang, Xue; Ma, Wei; Shi, Xin; Sun, Xiao; Wei, Yumei; Yan, Ziguang; Li, Shuangling
24-Mar-2020POLYSEROSITIS AS THE MAIN MANIFESTATION OF EFFUSIVE-CONSTRICTIVE PERICARDITIS IN A POST-TRAUMATIC PATIENTJiang Yixiao; Li, Yuxi; Yang, Ying; Ma, Wei; Yu, Yang; Liang, Rongyue; Yan, Ziguang; Qiu, Jianxing; Liu, Meilin; Ding, Wenhui; Li, Jianping
1-Apr-2022Subunits of C1Q Are Associated With the Progression of Intermittent Claudication to Chronic Limb-Threatening IschemiaYao, Ziping; Zhang, Bihui; Niu, Guochen; Yan, Ziguang; Tong, Xiaoqiang; Zou, Yinghua; Yang, Min
2019Successful endovascular treatment of chronic renal artery occlusion: a preliminary retrospective case series including 15 patientsYang, Min; Lin, Letao; Niu, Guochen; Yan, Ziguang; Zhang, Bihui; Tong, Xiaoqiang; Zou, Yinghua
2017Transarterial embolization for renal angiomyolipomas: A single centre experience in 79 patientsWang, Chengen; Yang, Min; Tong, Xiaoqiang; Wang, Jian; Guan, Haitao; Niu, Guochen; Yan, Ziguang; Zhang, Bihui; Zou, Yinghua
2019Treatment of a huge biloma complicating curative radiofrequency ablation of hepatocellular carcinoma: a case reportWang, Haochen; Yan, Ziguang; Wang, Jian; Zou, Yinghua