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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Sep-2022AI Illustrator: Translating Raw Descriptions into Images by Prompt-based Cross-Modal GenerationMa,Yiyang; Yang,Huan; Liu,Bei; Fu,Jianlong; Liu,Jiaying
2023Deep Sub-Micron Self-Aligned Bottom-Gate Amorphous InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistors With Low-Resistance Source/DrainZhang,Yuhan; Li,Jiye; Zhang,Yuqing; Yang,Huan; Guan,Yuhang; Chan,Mansun; Lu,Lei; Zhang,Shengdong
2022Investigation to the Carrier Transport Properties in Heterojunction-Channel Amorphous Oxides Thin-Film Transistors Using Dual-Gate BiasYang,Huan; Zhou,Xiaoliang; Lu,Lei; Zhang,Shengdong
19-Dec-2022MM-Diffusion: Learning Multi-Modal Diffusion Models for Joint Audio and Video GenerationRuan,Ludan; Ma,Yiyang; Yang,Huan; He,Huiguo; Liu,Bei; Fu,Jianlong; Yuan,NicholasJing; Jin,Qin; Guo,Baining
30-Oct-2021Orbit Tomography of Binary Supermassive Black Holes with Very Long Baseline InterferometryFang,Yun; Yang,Huan
28-Sep-2022Probing the Delay Time of Supermassive Black Hole Binary Mergers With Gravitational WavesFang,Yun; Yang,Huan
2019Self-aligned top-gate amorphous oxide thin-film transistors with IZO/IGZO stacked active layer and Al reacted source/drain regionChang,Baozhu; Deng,Xuan; Tao,Jinao; Yang,Huan; Zhang,Shengdong
2022Self-Aligned Top-Gate Amorphous ZnSnO Thin-Film Transistor with Thermal-Stable Al Reaction-Doped Source/DrainYang,Huan; Li,Jiye; Zhou,Xiaoliang; Lu,Lei; Zhang,Shengdong
24-May-2023Solving Diffusion ODEs with Optimal Boundary Conditions for Better Image Super-ResolutionMa,Yiyang; Yang,Huan; Yang,Wenhan; Fu,Jianlong; Liu,Jiaying
16-Mar-2023Unified Multi-Modal Latent Diffusion for Joint Subject and Text Conditional Image GenerationMa,Yiyang; Yang,Huan; Wang,Wenjing; Fu,Jianlong; Liu,Jiaying
18-May-2023VideoFactory: Swap Attention in Spatiotemporal Diffusions for Text-to-Video GenerationWang,Wenjing; Yang,Huan; Tuo,Zixi; He,Huiguo; Zhu,Junchen; Fu,Jianlong; Liu,Jiaying