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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2022Combining Stormwater Management and Park Services to Mitigate Climate Change and Improve Human Well-Being: A Case Study of Sponge City Parks in ShanghaiTong, Peihao; Yin, Hongxi; Wang, Zhifang; Trivers, Ian
2009Construction and performance analysis of 2-D variable-length variable-weight optical orthogonal codesYin, Hongxi; Liang, Wei; Ma, Le
2009Cycle-based protection for survivable WDM networks designZhang, Zhenrong; Yin, Hongxi
2000Default path and dedicated path: A new approach to realize IP directly over WDMWang, Yong; Yin, Hongxi; Xu, Anshi; Wu, Deming
2008A new family of 2D variable-weight optical orthogonal codes for OCDMA systems supporting multiple QoS and analysis of its performanceLiang, Wei; Yin, Hongxi; Qin, Liqiao; Wang, Ziyu; Xu, Anshi
2010A new family of 2D wavelength/time codes with large cardinality for incoherent spectral amplitude coding OCDMA networks and analysis of its performanceYin, Hongxi; Ma, Le; Li, Hongbin; Zhu, Lixin
2009A new family of two-dimensional triple-codeweight asymmetric optical orthogonal code for OCDMA networksYin, Hongxi; Liang, Wei; Ma, Le; Qin, Liqiao
2000New method of tunable optical encoder/decoder using for optical code-division access communication systemYin, Hongxi; Wu, Deming; Xu, Anshi; Xie, Linzhen; Yang, Shuwen
2007Performance analysis of a new random access protocol for OCDMA networksSun, Shurong; Yin, Hongxi; Wang, Ziyu; Xu, Anshi
2005Research on the technology of multi-granularity optical switchingYin, Hongxi; Zhang, Yu; Guo, Zhongmei; Quan, Haifeng; Xu, Anshi
2008Security performance analysis of an M-code keying OCDMA systemQin, Liqiao; Yin, Hongxi; Liang, Wei; Wang, Ziyu; Xu, Anshi
2007Security performance analysis of M-code keying OCDMA system using shifted carrier-hopping prime codesQin, Liqiao; Yin, Hongxi; Liang, Wei; Wang, Ziyu; Xu, Anshi
2009Transmission approaches for services of variable bit-rate and differentiated QoS using OCDMAYin, Hongxi; Liang, Wei