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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An anatomical, histopathological, and molecular biological function study of the fascias posterior to the interperitoneal colon and its associated mesocolon: their relevance to colonic surgeryGao, Zhidong; Ye, Yingjiang; Zhang, Weiguang; Shen, Danhua; Zhong, Yanfeng; Jiang, Kewei; Yang, Xiaodong; Yin, Mujun; Liang, Bin; Tian, Long; Wang, Shan
2019Clinical characteristics and genetic analysis of gene mutations in a Chinese pedigree with Peutz-Jeghers syndromeQiu, Yudian; Xuan, Tao; Yin, Mujun; Gao, Zhidong; Guo, Peng; Chen, Xi; Ye, Yingjiang; Shen, Zhanlong
2010Clinical study on the correlation between metabolic syndrome and colorectal carcinomaShen, Zhanlong; Wang, Shan; Ye, Yingjiang; Yin, Mujun; Yang, Xiaodong; Jiang, Kewei; Liu, Yan
15-Jun-2022Distinct prevalence and spectrum of germline cancer susceptibility gene mutations between early-onset and late-onset colorectal canerGao, Zhidong; Zhou, Jing; Xin, Ying; Liang, Bin; Shen, Kai; Guo, Peng; Jiang, Kewei; Yin, Mujun; Yang, Xiaodong; Shen, Zhanlong; Zhang, Hui; Huang, Depei; Ye, Yingjiang
Mar-2020Efficacy and Safety of Complete Mesocolic Excision in Patients With Colon Cancer Three-year Results From a Prospective, Nonrandomized, Double-blind, Controlled TrialGao, Zhidong; Wang, Chao; Cui, Yancheng; Shen, Zhanlong; Jiang, Kewei; Shen, Danhua; Wang, Yi; Zhan, Siyan; Guo, Peng; Yang, Xiaodong; Liu, Fangfang; Shen, Kai; Liang, Bin; Yin, Mujun; Xie, Qiwei; Wang, Youli; Wang, Shan; Ye, Yingjiang
2019Evaluation of anatomical landmarks for transanal total mesorectal excision based on MRIShen, Zhanlong; Cheng, Jin; Yin, Mujun; Jiang, Kewei; Xie, Qiwei; Gao, Zhidong; Bao, Yudi; Wang, Yi; Ye, Yingjiang; Wang, Shan
2012Laparoscopic Appendectomy for Acute Appendicitis versus Chronic AppendicitisShen, Zhanlong; Ye, Yingjiang; Yin, Mujun; Wang, Shan
2010Metabolic syndrome is an important factor for the evolution of prognosis of colorectal cancer: survival, recurrence, and liver metastasisShen, Zhanlong; Ye, Yingjiang; Bin, Liang; Yin, Mujun; Yang, Xiaodong; Jiang, Kewei; Wang, Shan
2014Therapeutic experience with primary liposarcoma from the sigmoid mesocolon accompanied with well-differentiated liposarcomas in the pelvisShen, Zhanlong; Wang, Shiyao; Fu, Ligong; Shi, Jingli; Yin, Mujun; Ye, Yingjiang; Wang, Shan