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2018Alternative complement pathway activation associated with vascular lesions of pulmonary hypertension combined lupus nephritisLi, Qiu-yu; Li, Hai-yun; Yu, Feng; He, Pei
2009Anti-C1q antibodies and IgG subclass distribution in sera from Chinese patients with lupus nephritisFang, Qi-Ying; Yu, Feng; Tan, Ying; Xu, Li-xia; Wu, Li-hua; Liu, Gang; Shao, Feng-min; Zhao, Ming-hui
2014Anti-C1q autoantibodies from active lupus nephritis patients could inhibit the clearance of apoptotic cells and complement classical pathway activation mediated by C1q in vitroPang, Yun; Yang, Xiao-Wei; Song, Yan; Yu, Feng; Zhao, Ming-Hui
Sep-2020Anti-complement factor H autoantibodies may be protective in lupus nephritisLi, Lin-Lin; Tan, Ying; Song, Di; Li, Yong-Zhe; Yu, Feng; Chen, Min; Zhao, Ming-Hui
2017Anti-glomerular basement membrane glomerulonephritis with thrombotic microangiopathy: a case reportYu, Xiao-juan; Han, Sha-sha; Wang, Su-xia; Jia, Xiao-yu; Guo, Wei-yi; Cui, Zhao; Yu, Feng; Zhou, Fu-de; Zhao, Ming-hui
2009Anti-heparin-platelet factor 4 antibodies are associated with arterial and venous thrombosis in patients with maintenance haemodialysisTan, Ying; Cao, Lei; Lv, Ji-Cheng; Yan, Yu; Zuo, Li; Wang, Mei; Yu, Lu; Yu, Feng; Zhao, Ming-hui
2017Anti-pentraxin 3 auto-antibodies might be protective in lupus nephritis: a large cohort studyYuan, Mo; Tan, Ying; Pang, Yun; Li, Yong-Zhe; Song, Yan; Yu, Feng; Zhao, Ming-Hui
2016Antibodies to alpha 5 chain of collagen IV are pathogenic in Goodpasture's diseaseCui, Zhao; Zhao, Ming-hui; Jia, Xiao-yu; Wang, Miao; Hu, Shui-yi; Wang, Su-xia; Yu, Feng; Brown, Kyle L.; Hudson, Billy G.; Pedchenko, Vadim
2008Antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies associated vasculitis in older patientsChen, Min; Yu, Feng; Zhang, Ying; Zhao, Ming-Hui
2007Antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibody-negative pauci-immune crescentic glomerulonephritisChen, Min; Yu, Feng; Wang, Suaia; Zou, Wan-Zhong; Zhao, Ming-Hui; Wang, Hai-Yan
Apr-2023Association between glomerular mTORC1 activation and crescents formation in lupus nephritis patientsDing, Ying; Luan, Zhong-qiu; Mao, Zhao-min; Qu, Zhen; Yu, Feng
2019Association between symptom control and functional improvement in patients with acute schizophrenia: A post hoc analysis of an open-label, single-arm, multi-center study of paliperidone-extended release formulationMei, Si Tian; Long, Zhang Yi; Yu, Feng; Min, Zhuo Jian; Cai Shangli; Zhang Lili
2013Association of Circulating Level of High Mobility Group Box 1 With Disease Activity in Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Autoantibody-Associated VasculitisWang, Chen; Gou, Shen-Ju; Chang, Dong-Yuan; Yu, Feng; Zhao, Ming-Hui; Chen, Min
Feb-2024Audio Mixing Inversion via Embodied Self-supervised LearningZhou, Haotian; Yu, Feng; Wu, Xihong
2008Autoantibodies against C-reactive protein in sera from patients with lupus nephritisTan, Ying; Yu, Feng; Yang, Haizhen; Fang, Qiying; Zhao, Ming-Hui; Wang, Hai-Yan
2017Autoantibodies against C-Reactive Protein Influence Complement Activation and Clinical Course in Lupus NephritisLi, Qiu-yu; Li, Hai-yun; Fu, Ge; Yu, Feng; Wu, Yi; Zhao, Ming-hui
2008Autoantibodies against monomeric C-reactive protein in sera from patients with lupus nephritis are associated with disease activity and renal tubulointerstitial lesionsTan, Ying; Yu, Feng; Yang, Haizhen; Chen, Min; Fang, Qiying; Zhao, Ming-hui
2016An autoimmune epitope on C-reactive protein targets complement regulation in lupus nephritisLi, Qiuyu; Li, Haiyun; Yu, Feng; Wu, Yi; Zhao, Minghui
27-May-2020C1q A08 Is a Half-Cryptic Epitope of Anti-C1q A08 Antibodies in Lupus Nephritis and Important for the Activation of Complement Classical PathwayWu, Wen-Jun; Tan, Ying; Liu, Xiao-Ling; Yu, Feng; Zhao, Ming-Hui
2012Changing oblique angles of pyramid facets fabricated by wet etching of N polar GaNYu, Feng; Chen, Zhizhong; Qi, Shengli; Wang, Suyuan; Jiang, Shuang; Fu, Xingxing; Jiang, Xianzhe; Yu, Tongjun; Qin, Zhixin; Kang, Xiangning; Wu, Jiejun; Zhang, Guoyi