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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Collecting Particulate Matter and Particle-Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using a Cylindrical Thermal PrecipitatorSu, Shu; Wang, Bin; Lin, Nan; Zhuo, Shaojie; Liu, Junfeng; Wang, Xilong; Cheng, Hefa; Chen, Da-Ren; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Tao, Shu
2016Dermal Uptake from Airborne Organics as an Important Route of Human Exposure to E-Waste Combustion FumesWu, Chen-Chou; Bao, Lian-Jun; Tao, Shu; Zeng, Eddy Y.
2018Distinguishing Emission-Associated Ambient Air PM2.5 Concentrations and Meteorological Factor-Induced FluctuationsZhong, Qirui; Ma, Jianmin; Shen, Guofeng; Shen, Huizhong; Zhu, Xi; Yun, Xiao; Meng, Wenjun; Cheng, Hefa; Liu, Junfeng; Li, Bengang; Wang, Xilong; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Guan, Dabo; Tao, Shu
2019Energy and air pollution benefits of household fuel policies in northern ChinaMeng, Wenjun; Zhong, Qirui; Chen, Yilin; Shen, Huizhong; Yun, Xiao; Smith, Kirk R.; Li, Bengang; Liu, Junfeng; Wang, Xilong; Ma, Jianmin; Cheng, Hefa; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Guan, Dabo; Russell, Armistead G.; Tao, Shu
2012Environmental and human exposure to soil chlorinated and brominated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in an urbanized regionNi, Hong-Gang; Zeng, Eddy Y.
2008Environmental Science and Research in China: A snapshot of the current stateZeng, Eddy Y.; Tao, Shu
2017Evaluating the effectiveness of pollution control measures via the occurrence of DDTs and HCHs in wet deposition of an urban center, ChinaGuo, Ling-Chuan; Bao, Lian-Jun; Li, Shao-Meng; Tao, Shu; Zeng, Eddy Y.
2017Exposure and health impact evaluation based on simultaneous measurement of indoor and ambient PM2.5 in Haidian, BeijingQi, Meng; Zhu, Xi; Du, Wei; Chen, Yilin; Chen, Yuanchen; Huang, Tianbo; Pan, Xuelian; Zhong, Qirui; Sun, Xu; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Xing, Baoshan; Tao, Shu
2016Exposure and size distribution of nitrated and oxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons among the population using different household fuelsShen, Guofeng; Chen, Yuanchen; Du, Wei; Lin, Nan; Wang, Xilong; Cheng, Hefa; Liu, Junfeng; Xue, Chunyu; Liu, Guangqing; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Xing, Baoshan; Tao, Shu
2009Fate of linear alkylbenzenes and benzothiazoles of anthropogenic origin and their potential as environmental molecular markers in the Pearl River Delta, South ChinaNi, Hong-Gang; Shen, Ru-Lang; Zeng, Hui; Zeng, Eddy Y.
2010Fecal steroids in riverine runoff of the Pearl River Delta, South China: Levels, potential sources and inputs to the coastal oceanWang, Ji-Zhong; Guan, Yu-Feng; Ni, Hong-Gang; Liu, Gui-Jian; Zeng, Eddy Y.
2019Fluctuation in time-resolved PM2.5 from rural households with solid fuel-associated internal emission sourcesQi, Meng; Du, Wei; Zhu, Xi; Wang, Wei; Lu, Cengxi; Chen, Yuanchen; Shen, Guofeng; Cheng, Hefa; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Tao, Shu
2016Fugacity gradients of hydrophobic organics across the air-water interface measured with a novel passive samplerWu, Chen-Chou; Yao, Yao; Bao, Lian-Jun; Wu, Feng-Chang; Wong, Charles S.; Tao, Shu; Zeng, Eddy Y.
Sep-2021Future research needs for environmental science in ChinaZhu, Dongqiang; Chen, Weiqiang; Qu, Xiaolei; Zheng, Yuming; Bi, Jun; Kan, Haidong; Luo, Yongming; Ying, Guangguo; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Zhao, Fangjie; Zhu, Lingyan; Zhu, Yongguan; Tao, Shu
2017Global estimates of carbon monoxide emissions from 1960 to 2013Zhong, Qirui; Huang, Ye; Shen, Huizhong; Chen, Yilin; Chen, Han; Huang, Tianbo; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Tao, Shu
2017Impact of Polymer Colonization on the Fate of Organic Contaminants in SedimentWu, Chen-Chou; Bao, Lian-Jun; Liu, Liang-Ying; Shi, Lei; Tao, Shu; Zeng, Eddy Y.
2019Impacts of texture properties and airborne particles on accumulation of tobacco-derived chemicals in fabricsWu, Chen-Chou; Wang, Wen-Jing; Bao, Lian-Jun; Shi, Lei; Tao, Shu; Zeng, Eddy Y.
2018Importance of Dermal Absorption of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Derived from Barbecue FumesLao, Jia-Yong; Xie, Shan-Yi; Wu, Chen-Chou; Bao, Lian-Jun; Tao, Shu; Zeng, Eddy Y.
2017Improvement of a Global High-Resolution Ammonia Emission Inventory for Combustion and Industrial Sources with New Data from the Residential and Transportation SectorsMeng, Wenjun; Zhong, Qirui; Yun, Xiao; Zhu, Xi; Huang, Tianbo; Shen, Huizhong; Chen, Yilin; Chen, Han; Zhou, Feng; Liu, Junfeng; Wang, Xinming; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Tao, Shu