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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Asymptotic analysis for dispersion relations and travel times in noise cross-correlations: spherically symmetric caseLiu, Tianshi; Zhang, Haiming
Sep-2020Changes in the quality of life of living liver donors: A meta-analysisShi, Yuexian; Liu, Chunxia; Zhang, Haiming; Huang, Yaqi; Sun, Meng; Wang, Wenru; Shang, Shaomei
2006Dynamic rupture on a planar fault in three-dimensional half-space - II. Validations and numerical experimentsZhang, Haiming; Chen, Xiaofei
Apr-2020Effects of Initial Stress Field and Critical Slip-Weakening Distance on Rupture Selectivity of 3D Buried Branched FaultsQian, Feng; Zhang, Haiming
2018Exact closed-form solutions for Lamb's problemFeng, Xi; Zhang, Haiming
Nov-2020Exact closed-form solutions for Lamb's problem-II a moving point loadFeng, Xi; Zhang, Haiming
Jan-2021Exact closed-form solutions for Lamb's problem-III: the case for buried source and receiverFeng, Xi; Zhang, Haiming
Apr-2020Exact Rayleigh-Wave Solution from a Point Source in Homogeneous Elastic Half-SpaceZhou, Jie; Zhang, Haiming
2-Sep-2022Excitation of Rayleigh and Love waves in double-layered half-spaceZhang, Yutong; Zhang, Haiming
2017Growth of lithosphere-scale fault system in NE Tibet: Numerical modeling constrained by high-resolution seismic reflection dataFu, Zhen; Zhang, Haiming; Cai, Yong'en; Dong, Shuwen
2016On Rayleigh wave in half-space: an asymptotic approach to study the Rayleigh function and its relation to the Rayleigh waveLiu, Tianshi; Feng, Xi; Zhang, Haiming
2011The Possibility of Inferring Rupture Depths of Fault Earthquakes from Zero-strain Points of Coseismic Surface DeformationFu, Zhen; Hu, Caibo; Zhang, Haiming; Cai, Yongen; Zhou, Yijie
Mar-2023Quality of life, anxiety and depression symptoms in living related kidney donors: a cross-sectional studyShi, Yuexian; Zhang, Haiming; Nie, Zhaoling; Fu, Yingxin
2015Rupture phase diagrams for a planar fault in 3-D full-space and half-spaceXu, Jiankuan; Zhang, Haiming; Chen, Xiaofei
Sep-2021Seismoelectric and Electroseismic Modeling in Stratified Porous Media With a Shallow or Ground Surface SourceZheng, Xu-Zhen; Ren, Hengxin; Butler, Karl E.; Zhang, Haiming; Sun, Yao-Chong; Zhang, Wei; Huang, Qinghua; Chen, Xiaofei