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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Biological studies of photoinducible phenol quaternary ammonium derivativesSong, Y; Wang, P; Wu, JJ; Zhou, X; Zhang, XL; Weng, LH; Cao, XP; Liang, F
2006Combination of porphyrins and DNA-alkylation agents: Synthesis and tumor cell apoptosis inductionHe, HP; Zhou, Y; Liang, F; Li, DQ; Wu, JJ; Yang, L; Zhou, X; Zhang, XL; Cao, XP
2006Direct chitosan-mediated gene delivery to the rabbit knee joints in vitro and in vivoZhang, XL; Yu, CL; XuShi; Zhang, C; Tang, TT; Dai, KR
2005The ectopic study of tissue-engineered bone with hBMP-4 gene modified bone marrow stromal cells in rabbitsJiang, XQ; Chen, JG; Gittens, S; Chen, CJ; Zhang, XL; Zhang, ZY
2004Peripheral substituents of di(pyridiumyl)porphyrins affected on their interactions with DNAWu, S; Wang, P; Tian, T; Wu, L; He, HP; Zhou, XA; Zhang, XL; Cao, XP
2005Pluralizing the methodology of Chinese philosophical studiesZhang, XL
2004Porphyrin-DNA cross-linking agent hybrids: chemical synthesis and biological studiesHe, HP; Tian, T; Wang, P; Wu, L; Xu, JJ; Zhou, X; Zhang, XL; Cao, XP; Wu, XJ
2004Probing highly deep levels in solid C-70 with isothermal capacitance transience-time spectroscopyRan, GZ; Chen, KM; Zhang, XL; Liu, HF
2001Research on diageneses of Cambrian shoal facies carbonate rocks in the Xiadong area, Hubei ProvinceZhang, XL; Jiang, LZ
2004RX J1856.5-3754: A strange star with a solid quark surface?Zhang, XL; Xu, RX; Zhang, SN
1997Self-pumped phase conjungation in KNbO3:Ni at near-infrared wavelengthsZhang, ZG; Feng, BH; Wu, LA; Kang, J; Zhang, XL; Fu, PM; Shen, DZ; Ma, XY; Chen, JY; Zhou, G; Tang, JX
2005Source diagnostics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons based on species ratios: A multimedia approachZhang, XL; Tao, S; Liu, WX; Yang, Y; Zuo, Q; Liu, SZ
2004Suppression of early experimental osteoarthritis by gene transfer of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist and interleukin-10Zhang, XL; Mao, ZB; Yu, CL
2005Synthetic iminosugar derivatives as new potential immunosuppressive agentsYe, XS; Sun, F; Liu, M; Li, Q; Wang, YH; Zhang, GS; Zhang, LH; Zhang, XL
1999The Time of Heaven in Chinese ancient philosophyZhang, XL
2006A two-compartment exposure device for foliar uptake studyZuo, Q; Lin, H; Zhang, XL; Li, QL; Liu, SZ; Tao, S