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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Access control for hybrid femtocell network based on AGV mechanismLi, Chengmei; Duan, Hexiang; Ba, Hongbo; Zhang, Xiaoning; Wu, Jianjun
2013Analysis of mutual interferences between two components in satellite-terrestrial integrated systemGao, Yazhe; Ou, Qing; Zeng, Qindong; Zhang, Xiaoning; Wu, Jianjun
2010Aperture-array acquisition scheme for optical links in atmospheric turbulenceMa, Xuelian; Liu, Lu; Zhang, Xiaoning; Tang, Junxiong
2013Collaborative Relay Beamforming Based on Minimum Power for M2M Devices in Multicell SystemsZhang, Xiaoning; Wang, Da; Bai, Lin; Chen, Chen
2012Collaborative Relay Beamforming Strategies for Multiple Destinations with Guaranteed QoS in Wireless Machine-to-Machine NetworksWang, Da; Bai, Lin; Zhang, Xiaoning; Guan, Wenyang; Chen, Chen
2013Combined Relay Selection and Secure Beamforming for Decode-and-Forward Networks with Multiple EavesdroppersLiu, Zhongjian; Zhang, Xiaoning; Chen, Chen; Xiang, Haige
2014Content distribution in vehicular networks using coalitional graph gameFei, Xiang; Luan, Xi; Yi, Na; Zhang, Xiaoning; Wu, Jianjun
2013Design and analysis of a new kind of hydraulic active filterJing, Huiqiang; Zhang, Xiaoning; Li, Yanfeng; Fu, Yongling
2013The effect of guanidinylation of PEGylated poly(2-aminoethyl methacrylate) on the systemic delivery of siRNACheng, Qiang; Huang, Yuanyu; Zheng, Hua; Wei, Tuo; Zheng, Shuquan; Huo, Shuaidong; Wang, Xiaoxia; Du, Quan; Zhang, Xiaoning; Zhang, Hong-Yan; Liang, Xing-Jie; Wang, Chun; Tang, Rupei; Liang, Zicai
2018Energy efficiency maximization for MIMO-OFDMA systems with imperfect CSIMao, Jing; Chen, Chen; Zhang, Xiaoning; Xiang, Haige
2017Energy Efficiency Maximization for MIMO-OFDMA Systems with Imperfect CSIMao, Jing; Chen, Chen; Zhang, Xiaoning; HaigeXiang
2014Evolutionary game based access class barring for machine-to-machine communicationsJiang, Tingsong; Tan, Xu; Luan, Xi; Zhang, Xiaoning; Wu, Jianjun
2018Exploring the Determinants of Migrant Workers ' Willingness to Buy Houses in Cities: A Case Study in Xi ' an, ChinaZhang, Xiaoning; Qu, Mei; Jin, Zhendong
30-Nov-2022Immunogenicity of inactivated coronavirus disease 2019 vaccines in patients with chronic hepatitis B undergoing antiviral therapyWang, Wen-Xin; Jia, Rui; Song, Jin-Wen; Zhang, Xiaoning; Zhou, Shuang-Nan; Wang, Fu-Sheng; Fu, Junliang
2013Low-dimensional beamforming design in secure satellite communicationsZhang, Xiaoning; Liu, Zhongjian; Chen, Chen; Xiang, Haige
2012Mitaplatin Increases Sensitivity of Tumor Cells to Cisplatin by Inducing Mitochondrial DysfunctionXue, Xue; You, Song; Zhang, Qiang; Wu, Yan; Zou, Guo-zhang; Wang, Paul C.; Zhao, Yu-liang; Xu, Yan; Jia, Lee; Zhang, Xiaoning; Liang, Xing-Jie
2013Multiple Beam Selection for Combing M2M Communication Networks and Cellular Networks with Limited FeedbackZhang, Xiaoning; Bai, Lin; Guan, Wenyang
2014Phase Distribution Analysis of Radiation Pattern of Multi-beam Satellite Antenna based on Offset Parabolic ReflectorLi, Bin; Luo, Yong; Tan, Xu; Zhang, Xiaoning; Wu, Jianjun
2014Propagation Delay Difference Estimation for Initial Random Access in LTE Compatible Mobile Satellite Communications SystemLi, Chengmei; Wu, Jianjun; Zhang, Xiaoning; Luan, Xi; Xing, Haige
2015Robust weekly aircraft maintenance routing problem and the extension to the tail assignment problemLiang, Zhe; Feng, Yuan; Zhang, Xiaoning; Wu, Tao; Chaovalitwongse, Wanpracha Art