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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adsorption behavior and mechanism of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene by functionalized polystyrene nanospheresZhang, Yihe; Wang, Xinyan; Lv, Fengzhu; Chu, Paul K.; Ye, Zhengfang; Zhou, Fengshan; Zhang, Rui; Wei, Fangfang
2011Analysis of hazardous organic residues from sodium hydrosulfite industry and utilization as raw materials in a novel solid lubricant productionShang, Jiwu; Zhang, Yihe; Zhou, Fengshan; Lv, Fengzhu; Han, Feng; Lu, Jinbo; Meng, Xianghai; Chu, Paul K.; Ye, Zhengfang; Xing, Jing
2015Combined Photothermal and Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Effect from Spiky Noble Metal Nanoparticles Wrapped within Graphene-Polymer Layers: Using Layer-by-layer Modified Reduced Graphene Oxide as Reactive PrecursorsLi, Xiangming; Zhang, Yihe; Wu, Yaling; Duan, Yang; Luan, Xinglong; Zhang, Qian; An, Qi
2016Controlled Interfacial Permeation, Nanostructure Formation, Catalytic Efficiency, Signal Enhancement Capability, and Cell Spreading by Adjusting Photochemical Cross-Linking Degrees of Layer-by-Layer FilmsLuan, Xinglong; Huang, Tao; Zhou, Yan; An, Qi; Wang, Yue; Wu, Yaling; Li, Xiangming; Li, Haitao; Shi, Feng; Zhang, Yihe
2012Cuprous oxide created on sepiolite: Preparation, characterization, and photocatalytic activity in treatment of red water from 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene manufacturingZhu, Qingwei; Zhang, Yihe; Lv, Fengzhu; Chu, Paul K.; Ye, Zhengfan; Zhou, Fengshan
2011Extraction of organic materials from red water by metal-impregnated lignite activated carbonWei, Fangfang; Zhang, Yihe; Lv, Fengzhu; Chu, Paul K.; Ye, Zhengfang
2011F and Fe co-doped TiO2 with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activityZhang, Yihe; Lv, Fengzhu; Wu, Tao; Yu, Li; Zhang, Rui; Shen, Bo; Meng, Xianghai; Ye, Zhengfang; Chu, Paul K.
10-Feb-2021Hydrogen Bond Enhances Photomechanical Swing of Liquid-Crystalline Polymer Bilayer FilmsWang, Jianchuang; Huang, Shuai; Zhang, Yihe; Liu, Jingang; Yu, Mingming; Yu, Haifeng
2018The LCD technology development and application with an improved black photo spacer structureZhang, Yihe; Liu, Minggang; Ye, Yanxi; Deng, Zhuming; Cao, Wu; Li, Xuan; Lin, Yunglun; Chiu, Chungyi; Zhou, Hang
Aug-2021Light-driven autonomous self-oscillation of a liquid-crystalline polymer bimorph actuatorWang, Jianchuang; Song, Tianfu; Zhang, Yihe; Liu, Jingang; Yu, Mingming; Yu, Haifeng
8-Jul-2021Natural Nanominerals Show Enzyme-Like ActivitiesFeng, Feng; Wang, Peixia; Zhang, Yihe; An, Qi; Lin, Yue; Tong, Wangshu; Chu, Paul K.; Liang, Minmin
2015NIR-Vis-UV Light-Responsive Actuator Films of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal/Graphene Oxide NanocompositesCheng, Zhangxiang; Wang, Tianjie; Li, Xiao; Zhang, Yihe; Yu, Haifeng
2014Photocatalytic treatment of 2,4,6-trinitotoluene in red water by multi-doped TiO2 with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activityZhang, Yihe; Cheng, Keke; Lv, Fengzhu; Huang, Hongwei; Fei, Bin; He, Ying; Ye, Zhengfang; Shen, Bo
2017Photomechanical Motion of Liquid-Crystalline Fibers Bending Away from a Light SourceCheng, Zhangxiang; Ma, Shudeng; Zhang, Yihe; Huang, Shuai; Chen, Yuxuan; Yu, Haifeng
2014Photomechanical response of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals/graphene oxide nanocompositesYu, Li; Cheng, Zhangxiang; Dong, Zhijiao; Zhang, Yihe; Yu, Haifeng
2011Preparation and characterization of Cu2O-ZnO immobilized on diatomite for photocatalytic treatment of red water produced from manufacturing of TNTZhu, Qingwei; Zhang, Yihe; Zhou, Fengshan; Lv, Fengzhu; Ye, Zhengfang; Fan, Feidi; Chu, Paul K.
2013Treatment of heavy oil wastewater by a conventional activated sludge process coupled with an immobilized biological filterTong, Kun; Zhang, Yihe; Liu, Guohua; Ye, Zhengfang; Chu, Paul K.