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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009AB(2)-Type Amphiphilic Block Copolymers Composed of Poly(ethylene glycol) and Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) via Single-Electron Transfer Living Radical Polymerization: Synthesis and CharacterizationTang, Xinde; Liang, Xiaochao; Yang, Qian; Fan, Xinghe; Shen, Zhihao; Zhou, Qifeng
2007ABA-type amphiphilic triblock copolymers containing p-ethoxy azobenzene via atom transfer radical polymerization: Synthesis, characterization, and propertiesTang, Xinde; Gao, Longcheng; Fan, Xinghe; Zhou, Qifeng
2012Amphiphilic mesogen-jacketed liquid crystalline polymers: Design, synthesis, and self-assembly behaviorsWu, Hongliang; Zhang, Lanying; Xu, Yingrong; Ma, Ziyue; Shen, Zhihao; Fan, Xinghe; Zhou, Qifeng
1998'Living' free radical synthesis of novel rodcoil diblock copolymers with polystyrene and mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymer segmentsWan, Xinhua; Tu, Yingfeng; Zhang, Dong; Zhou, Qifeng
2008Bipolar Copolymers Comprised Mesogen-Jacketed Polymer Containing Oxadiazole Units and PVK as Host Materials for Electroluminescent DevicesWang, Ping; Jin, Hao; Liu, Wanli; Chai, Chunpeng; Shen, Zhihao; Guo, Haiqing; Chen, Xiaofang; Fan, Xinghe; Zou, Dechun; Zhou, Qifeng
2007Blue light-emitting diodes from mesogen-jacketed polymers containing oxadiazole unitsWang, Ping; Chai, Chunpeng; Chuai, Yutao; Wang, Fuzhi; Chen, Xiaofang; Fan, Xinghe; Xu, Yiding; Zou, Dechun; Zhou, Qifeng
2007Controlled grafting of ethyl cellulose with azobenzene-containing polymethacrylates via atom transfer radical polymerizationTang, Xinde; Gao, Longcheng; Fan, Xinghe; Zhou, Qifeng
2009Controlled organization of self-assembled rod-coil block copolymer micellesTu, Yingfeng; Graham, Matthew J.; Van Horn, Ryan M.; Chen, Erqian; Fan, Xinhe; Chen, Xiaofang; Zhou, Qifeng; Wan, Xinhua; Harris, Frank W.; Cheng, Stephen Z. D.
2008Crosslinkable poly(aryl ether ketone)s containing pendant phenylethynyl moieties: Synthesis, characterization and propertiesLi, Wanwan; Tang, Haoyu; Chen, Xaiofang; Fan, Xinghe; Shen, Zhihao; Zhou, Qifeng
2011Dendron-Jacketed Electrophosphorescent Copolymers: Improved Efficiency and Tunable Emission Color by Partial Energy TransferJin, Hao; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Dan; Chu, Zengze; Shen, Zhihao; Zou, Dechun; Fan, Xinghe; Zhou, Qifeng
2008Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of a Combined Main-Chain/Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymer Based on Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystal Polymer via Atom Transfer Radical PolymerizationXie, Helou; Hu, Tianhui; Zhang, Xuefei; Zhang, Hailaing; Chen, Erqiang; Zhou, Qifeng
2007Double-hexagonal morphology formed by rod-rich triblock copolymerGao, Longcheng; Pan, Qiwei; Chen, Xiaofang; Fan, Xinghe; Zhang, Xiaolei; Zhen, Zhihao; Zhou, Qifeng
2007Effect of the terminal substituent of azobenzene on the properties of ABA triblock copolymers via atom transfer radical polymerizationTang, Xinde; Gao, Longcheng; Fan, Xinghe; Zhou, Qifeng
2009Effects of Mesogenic Shape and Flexibility on the Phase Structures of Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystalline Polymers with Bent Side Groups Containing 1,3,4-OxadiazoleXu, Yiding; Yang, Qian; Shen, Zhihao; Chen, Xiaofang; Fan, Xinghe; Zhou, Qifeng
2007Electrically-driven chiroptical switches based on axially dissymmetric 1,1 '-binaphthyl and electrochromic viologens: Synthesis and optical propertiesDeng, Jian; Song, Naiheng; Zhou, Qifeng; Su, Zhixing
2010Electroluminescent Block Copolymers Containing Oxadiazole and Thiophene via ATRPYang, Qian; Jin, Hao; Xu, Yiding; Shen, Zhihao; Fan, Xinghe; Zou, Dechun; Zhou, Qifeng
2008Electrophosphorescence from iridium complex-doped mesogen-jacketed polymersWang, Ping; Chuai, Yutao; Chai, Chunpeng; Wang, Fuzhi; Zhang, Guolin; Ge, Guoping; Fan, Xinghe; Guo, Haiqing; Zou, Dechun; Zhou, Qifeng
2007Fuel-delivery system and control of portable direct methanol fuel cellQi, Liang; Xie, Xiaofeng; Li, Shengqiang; Xu, Jingming; Zhou, Qifeng
2013Influence of Fluorinated Substituent and Terminal Length on Phase Behavior of Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystalline Polymers with a Biphenyl MesogenJiang, Guoliang; Cai, Huanhuan; Shen, Zhihao; Fan, Xinghe; Zhou, Qifeng
2010Jacketed Polymers with Dendritic Carbazole Side Groups and Their Applications in Blue Light-Emitting DiodesJin, Hao; Xu, Yiding; Shen, Zhihao; Zou, Dechun; Wang, Dan; Zhang, Wei; Fan, Xinghe; Zhou, Qifeng