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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2022Combination of Cable Cerclage and Hook Plate for the Fixation of Comminuted Fractures of Inferior Patellar Pole: A Review of 16 Consecutive Patients Followed Up for a Minimum of 1 YearGu, Hangyu; Zhu, Shiwen; Li, Ting; Wu, Xinbao
11-Jul-2022Effect of Silver Nanoparticles With Thermoplastic Polyurethane on Postoperative Rehabilitation of Diabetic Patients With Open Fracture of Lower ExtremitiesZhang, Dong; Yao, Dongchen; Ma, Ruofei; Nan, Shaokui; Lv, You; Zhu, Yue; Zhu, Shiwen
Feb-2022The effectiveness of a co-management care model on older hip fracture patients in China - A multicentre non-randomised controlled studyZhang, Jing; Yang, Minghui; Zhang, Xinyi; He, Jiusheng; Wen, Liangyuan; Wang, Xianhai; Shi, Zongxin; Hu, Sanbao; Sun, Fengpo; Gong, Zishun; Sun, Mingyao; Li, Qiang; Peng, Ke; Ye, Pengpeng; Ma, Ruofei; Zhu, Shiwen; Wu, Xinbao; Webster, Ruth J.; Ivers, Rebecca Q.; Tian, Maoyi
Aug-2022The Effects of COVID-19 on Geriatric Hip Fracture Management and 1-Year Mortality in BeijingLiu, Gang; Yang, Minghui; Li, Ning; Li, Shaoliang; Zhu, Shiwen; Wu, Xinbao
2007Human face detection and tracking based on supervised learning - art. no. 67862ALuo, Min; Duan, Xiaohui; Zhu, Shiwen; Song, Zheng; Zhan, Chaohui
May-2022Midterm results of digastric trochanteric flip osteotomy for high acetabular posterior wall fractureLi, Yuneng; Ge, Yufeng; Liu, Haonan; Zhu, Shiwen; Wu, Xinbao
2015Modeling of unstable pelvic fractures for 20 degrees sagittally rotated pelvic displacementWu, Xinbao; Li, Yu'neng; Sun, Xu; Wang, Jianshun; Zhao, Chunpeng; Yang, Minghui; Zhu, Shiwen; Cao, Qiyong; Wu, Honghua; Wang, Manyi