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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010I / II 期子宫内膜癌术后放射治疗疗效分析朱丽红; 王俊杰; 曲昂; 田素青; 王皓
Sep-2022"I am regretful but I would not change my decision": the dissociation between emotional regret and behavioural regret in childrenLiu, Zan; Hong, Ye; Su, Yanjie
24-Jun-2020I c N interaction in chiral effective field theoryMeng, Lu; Wang, Bo; Zhu, Shi-Lin
25-Aug-2020"I Dreamed of My Hands and Arms Moving Again": A Case Series Investigating the Effect of Immersive Virtual Reality on Phantom Limb Pain AlleviationTong, Xin; Wang, Xinxing; Cai, Yiyang; Gromala, Diane; Williamson, Owen; Fan, Bifa; Wei, Kunlin
Mar-2022"I enjoy thinking critically, and I'm in control": Examining the influences of media literacy factors on misperceptions amidst the COVID-19 infodemicSu, Yan; Lee, Danielle Ka Lai; Xiao, Xizhu
Feb-2023?I know it?s sensitive?: Internet censorship, recoding, and the sensitive word culture in ChinaYe, WeiMing; Zhao, Luming
15-Jun-2020“I PASS ABCDE F”标准化交接班模式的构建与应用高莹莹; 赖文娟; 徐佳卿; 李艳艳; 张文婷; 艾露露
2020I Persist, I Believe, and I Shall Save On Xu Zechen's FictionFan Yingchun
1i Plan CMF 软件辅助下增强 CT 三维重建在头颈部肿瘤中的应用于 尧; 章文博; 王 洋; 刘筱菁; 郭传瑸; 俞光岩; 彭 歆△
Jul-2020i Synthesis and Properties of Halloysite Templated Tubular MoS2 as Cathode Material for Rechargeable Aqueous Zn-ion BatteriesYang, Yang; Chuan, Xiuyun; Li, Jianzhuo; Liu, Fangfang; Li, Aijun
5-Jan-2021I was afraid, but now i enjoy being a streamer!Chen,Xinyue; Chen,Si; Wang,Xu; Huang,Yun
20-May-2020"I was determined to breastfeed, and I always found a solution": successful experiences of exclusive breastfeeding among Chinese mothers in IrelandZhou, Qianling; Chen, Haoyue; Younger, Katherine M.; Cassidy, Tanya M.; Kearney, John M.
2015I Will Speak Up If My Voice Is Socially Desirable: A Moderated Mediating Process of Promotive Versus Prohibitive VoiceWei, Xin; Zhang, Zhi-Xue; Chen, Xiao-Ping
1999I would prefer to be eliminated through competition - Grand finale of the academic record discussionPang, F; Cheng, L; Wu, CL; Chen, DW; Jiang, LJ; Zhang, SJ; Xue, JT; Chen, S; Guo, SH; Xue, L; Liang, F; Yang, N; Xue, L; Chen, J; Tao, M; Wu, J; Zhang, XQ; Jiang, XL; Shi, M; Xu, P; Zhang, YM; Liu, J; Yang, YP; Wang, XS; Xie, AP; Sheng, JB; Shi, HT; Luo, ZY
1997“I&apos;ll Do Better the Next Time”郝田虎
2005The i(13/2) proton intruder orbital and the identical superdeformed bands in Tl-193,Tl-194,Tl-195He, XT; Liu, S; Yu, SY; Zeng, JY; Zhao, EG
Jul-2021I(3)City: An Interoperated, Intelligent, and Integrated Platform for Smart City EcosystemChen, Chaoxiong; Chen, Chao; Wang, Yasha; Zhao, Junfeng; Wu, Yijian; Sheng, Hao; Li, Yang
2008I(G)J(PC)=0(+)1(-+) tetraquark stateChen, Hua-Xing; Hosaka, Atsushi; Zhu, Shi-Lin
2008I(G)J(PC)=1(-)1(-+) tetraquark statesChen, Hua-Xing; Hosaka, Atsushi; Zhu, Shi-Lin
2012(I)gG4阳性与阴性免疫表型的桥本甲状腺炎患者血清学及病理纤维化程度的比较张晶; 郭晓蕙; 赵兰岚; 刘明明; 高莹; 李挺; 王颖; 卢桂芝; 高燕明; 黄友媛