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[ABSTRACT] 'To translate' means quite literally 'to carry across, to bring across,' that is, 'to remove from one place to another.&ap...
[KEYWORDS] Translation; interpretive context; Chinese philosophy; uncommon assumptions; Chinese cosmology
[ABSTRACT] This paper begins with a critique of the uses of the term "bentilun 體論 (ontology)" in modem Chinese scholarship by tracing their claim to...
[KEYWORDS] bentilun ontology xingershangxue metaphysics wu logos being Daoism; bentilun; ontology; xingershangxue; metaphysics; wu; logos; being; Daoism
[ABSTRACT] In light of the recently published Western Han period bamboo-slip Laozi,now in the collection of Peking University,this paper explores several para...
[KEYWORDS] Beida Laozi Mawangdui Laozi received Laozi paradoxes; Beida Laozi; Mawangdui Laozi; received Laozi; paradoxes
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