TitleChinese abbreviation-definition identification: A SVM approach using context information
AuthorsSun, Xu
Wang, Houfeng
Zhang, Yu
AffiliationDepartment of Computer Science and Technology, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China
Issue Date2006
Citation9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence.Guilin, China,4099 LNAI(495-504).
AbstractAs a special form of unknown words, Chinese abbreviations represent significant problems for Chinese text processing. The goal of this study is to automatically find the definition for a Chinese abbreviation in the context where both the abbreviation and its definition occur, enforcing the constraint of one sense per discourse for an abbreviation. First, the candidate abbreviation-definition pairs are collected, and then a SVM approach using context information is employed to classify candidate abbreviation-definition pairs so that the pairs can be identified. The performance of the approach is evaluated on a manually annotated test corpus, and is also compared with two other machine learning approaches: Maximum Entropy and Decision Tree. Experimental results show that our approach reaches a good performance. ? Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006.
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