TitleAcquisition and application of the knowledge for recognizing the predicate head of a Chinese simple sentence
AuthorsSui, Zhifang
Yu, Shiwen
Issue Date1998
Publisher北京大学学报 自然科学版
CitationBeijing Daxue Xuebao Ziran Kexue Ban/Acta Scientiarum uaturalium Universitatis Pekinensis.1998,34,(2-3),221-230.
AbstractIt is necessary to grasp the main structure of the sentence through its predicate head for the sentence similarity calculation in EBMT. Taking 3 000 tagged Chinese simple sentences as training set and the syntactic attributes and the contextual information as the classification features, this research acquires the knowledge of recognizing the predicate head through constructing a statistical decision tree model. The problem of applying the statistical decision tree to recognize the predicate head is also discussed.
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