TitleThe acquisition of Chinese ergative verbs and the verification of relevant rules in semantic role labeling
AuthorsWang, Mengxiang
Liu, Yang
Wang, Houfeng
Zhang, Longkai
AffiliationInstitute of Computational Linguistics, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China
Key Laboratory of Computational Linguistics
Issue Date2013
Citation14th Workshop on Chinese Lexical Semantics, CLSW 2013.Zhengzhou, China,8229 LNAI(173-180).
AbstractErgative verb is a small class of Chinese verbs. Compared with other general verbs, it has different syntactic, semantic features. According to the grammatical viewpoint and the requirement of Chinese information processing, the thesis generalizes those verbs that can enter into 'NP 1+V+NP2' and 'NP2+V' as ergative verbs, those verbs with causative features synchronously called typical ergative verbs, the others called atypical verbs. Based on this assumption, combining with the tagged corpus in Chinese PropBank, we find ergative verbs have their own semantic role labeling features which the general verbs don't have, which will be useful to improve the accuracy of Semantic Role Labeling. ? 2013 Springer-Verlag.
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