TitleEFL motivation development in an increasingly globalized local context: A longitudinal study of Chinese undergraduates
AuthorsGao Yihong
Wang Xiaoying
Zhou Yan
AffiliationPeking Univ, Linguist, Beijing 100871, Peoples R China.
Peking Univ, Res Inst Linguist & Appl Linguist, Sch Foreign Languages, Beijing 100871, Peoples R China.
Beijing Foreign Studies Univ, Sch English & Int Studies, Appl Linguist, Beijing, Peoples R China.
Beijing Foreign Studies Univ, English, Beijing, Peoples R China.
Beijing Foreign Studies Univ, Natl Res Ctr Foreign Language Educ, Beijing, Peoples R China.
learning motivation
longitudinal study
Chinese students
Issue Date2014
CitationAPPLIED LINGUISTICS REVIEW.2014,5,(1),73-97.
AbstractAs part of a larger longitudinal study, this paper examines the development of Chinese students' EFL learning motivation throughout university undergraduate study, in an increasingly globalized local context. The study adopted a social constructivist perspective of language learning and combined research methods; the participants were over 1,000 undergraduates from 5 universities. The quantitative data were collected through a questionnaire (based on Gao et al. 2004) including motivational intensity and motivation types - instrumental, cultural, and situational, implemented annually from university entrance to graduation. The qualitative data consisted of individual and group interviews, student journals, and observations. Integrated data analysis revealed that sustained high-level long-term instrumental motivations coexisted with an increase of L2-oriented cultural motivations and situational motivation, particularly in the first and fourth year. The increased L2-oriented cultural motivations indicated neither "integrativeness" in the sense of becoming a member of the native English speaker community, nor a culturally neutral "global identity." The increase of such L2-oriented cultural motivations was also accompanied by a sustained "social responsibility" motivation oriented to learners' home culture. Such complexities of motivational development call for further investigation in increasingly globalized EFL contexts.
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