TitleLocally non-uniform oxidation in self-terminating thermal oxidation assisted wet etching technique for AlGaN/GaN heterostructure
AuthorsLiu, Jingqian
Wang, Jinyan
Xu, Zhe
Jiang, Haisang
Yang, Zhenchuan
Wang, Maojun
Yu, Min
Xie, Bing
Wu, Wengang
Ma, Xiaohua
Zhang, Jincheng
Hao, Yue
AffiliationPeking Univ, Inst Microelect, Beijing 100871, Peoples R China.
Xidian Univ, Inst Microelect, Key Lab, Minist Educ Wide Band Gap Semicond Mat & Devices, Xian 710071, Peoples R China.
Issue Date2015
CitationELECTRONICS LETTERS.2015,51,(23),1932-U96.
AbstractThe oxidation mechanism in self-terminating wet etching technique with thermal oxidation of AlGaN layer followed by etching in KOH solution is investigated. Spike-shape remnants of oxidised AlGaN are observed at the initial stage of wet etching in KOH solution, which could be completely etched away after enough etching time. Transmission electron microscope/energy dispersive spectroscopy analysis indicates the existence of crystalline AlGaN inside the remnants. Finally, a possible explanation is given that the oxide channels from AlGaN surface towards AlGaN/GaN interface generated during thermal oxidation are firstly etched away at the initial stage of KOH wet etching, then after enough time these remnants with non-c axis crystal orientation surfaces exposed to KOH solution could be completely etched away leaving GaN layer beneath unaffected, which realises self-terminating etching.
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