Other TitlesNew Exploration of Scientific Socialism and Democratic Socialism
Affiliation闽南师范大学马克思主义学院, 福建 漳州363000
inevitability and necessity of socialism
nature of state power
approach to seizing power and achieving social-ism
reform and revolution
Issue Date2015
Abstract马克思恩格斯无疑是世界最顶级的理论巨匠, 仅仅就其理论成就来说, 仅仅就 《资本论》 一部书稿,就足以与柏拉图、 亚里士多德和孔子、 老子并列, 远远高于伯恩斯坦考茨基等民主社会主义理论家: 马克思恩格斯是博大精深的科学社会主义理论之创造者; 而伯恩斯坦考茨基之流不过是马克思恩格斯所创造的科学社会主义理论之运用者和修正者而已. 然而, 问题的关键在于, 民主社会主义理论家们虽然是马克思恩格斯的学生,他们却因此而得以站在伟大导师的肩膀上, 经历伟大导师逝世以后的世界新变化和新实践, 因而可以见马克思恩格斯所未见, 看得更加高远、 清楚和确切. 特别是, 实践是检验真理的唯一标准. 在科学泰斗马克思恩格斯面前, 伯恩斯坦考茨基等民主社会主义理论家虽然渺小之极, 甚至如马克思曾轻蔑地称之为 "天生的俗种"; 但当这些渺小平庸之辈运用伟大导师的科学社会主义理论于实践时, 却足以发现和修正科学社会主义的谬误, 从而形成民主社会主义之真理: 科学社会主义实乃民主社会主义之母; 没有科学社会主义就没有民主社会主义.
Undoubtedly, Marx and Engels are the world's top theoretical masters. Only with the manuscript of" Das Kap-ital", their theoretical achievements can be paralleled to those by Plato, Aristotle, Confucius and Lao Tzu, and well in ad-vance of Bernstein, Kautsky and other democratic socialist theorists. Marx and Engels are the creators of the profound theo-ry of scientific socialism, while Kautsky and Bernstein are just the users and amenders of scientific socialism. However, the key issue is, it is just because these theorists of scientific socialism are the students of Marx and Engels, they are able to stand on the shoulders of their great teachers to experience new changes and try new practices after the death of their teach-ers. Therefore, they can see what Marx and Engels could not see in a more profound, exact and clearer way, in particular, the theory of "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth". Although democratic socialists including Kautsky and Bern-stein are dwarfed by Marx and Engels, as they even been contemptuously called" born vulgar s" by Marx, they were able to find and correct the fallacies of scientific socialism when they applied this theories into practice, and finally formed the truth of democratic socialism:scientific socialism is the mother of democratic socialism;without scientific socialism, there would be no democratic socialism.
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