TitleN+/P shallow junction with high dopant activation and low contact resistivity fabricated by solid phase epitaxy method for Ge technology
AuthorsLiu, Pengqiang
Li, Ming
An, Xia
Lin, Meng
Zhao, Yang
Zhang, Bingxin
Xia, Xuyuan
Huang, Ru
AffiliationInstitute of Microelectronics, Peking University, Beijing, China
Issue Date2015
PublisherSilicon Nanoelectronics Workshop, SNW 2015
CitationSilicon Nanoelectronics Workshop, SNW 2015.Kyoto, Japan,2015/9/24.
AbstractIn this paper, solid phase epitaxy (SPE) process is proposed to improve phosphorous activation and hence reduce the contact resistivity of n+/p junction for Ge n-MOS technology. Over 1×1020cm-3electrical concentration and about 1.75×10-6ohm·cm2contact resistivity have been achieved at P+implantation of 10keV and 5×1014cm-2and annealing condition of 600oC, 10seconds. The fabricated N+/P diode shows 2 times higher forward current and well controlled leakage. ? 2015 JSAP.
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