TitleNumerical modeling of tubular daylighting devices
AuthorsChen, Biao
Wei, Yeyan
Li, Xiujie
Cao, Runze
Jin, Peng
AffiliationPeking Univ, Sch Environm & Energy, Green Lighting Syst Lab, E Bldg,Lishui Rd, Shenzhen 518055, Peoples R China.
KeywordsTubular daylighting device
Numerical modeling
Output luminous flux
Ray tracing
Issue Date2017
AbstractTubular daylighting device (TDD) or light pipe is an effective way of energy saving and has been found increasing acceptance for indoor lighting. This article presents a new method to evaluate the TDD's optical performance by the output luminous flux. The method is using position (alpha, d) and angular distribution of luminous flux (phi, theta, Phi) information to describe the optical properties of the TDD's light collecting cover. With the optical information, the ray tracing simulates the output luminous flux basing on the structural and reflectivity of the light pipe. Our method makes a complete optical description of light ray passing through a top cover, thus enable the subsequent ray tracing of light pipe. As an application, lambertian beam pattern is used as light source which goes through from the cover, and then the results on various length to diameter ratios of light pipes are compared. (C) 2017 Published by Elsevier GmbH.
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