TitleExploring neutrino mass and mass hierarchy in the scenario of vacuum energy interacting with cold dark matte
AffiliationDepartment of Physics, College of Sciences, Northeastern University
Center for High Energy Physics, Peking University
Keywordsinteracting dark energy
neutrino mass
mass hierarchy of neutrinos
parameterized post-Friedmann approach
cosmological observations
Issue Date2018
PublisherChinese Physics C
CitationChinese Physics C. 2018, 119-128.
AbstractWe investigate the constraints on total neutrino mass in the scenario of vacuum energy interacting with cold dark matter. We focus on two typical interaction forms, i.e., Q=βHρc and Q=βHρΛ. To avoid the occurrence of large-scale instability in interacting dark energy cosmology, we adopt the parameterized post-Friedmann approach to calculate the perturbation evolution of dark energy. We employ observational data, including the Planck cosmic microwave background temperature and polarization data, baryon acous
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