TitleSynthesis Mechanism of LiFePO4 with Different Carbon Content
AuthorsTian Na
Huang Yongping
Zhou Henghui
AffiliationBeijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences,College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering,Peking University,Beijing,China
Pulead Technology Industry Co.,Ltd.,No.35,Chuangxin Road,Changping Science Park,Beijing,China
Pulead Technology Industry Co.,Ltd.,No.35,Chuangxin Road,Changping Science Park,Beijing,China
KeywordsLithium-ion batteries
Synthesis mechanism
Carbon content
Issue Date2018
Citation2018世界粉末冶金大会. 2018, 1769-1772.
AbstractLiFePO4(LFP)has been widely used as cathode materials for electric vehicle(EV)batteries.FePO4,Li2CO3 and glucose are commonly used as raw materials to synthesize carbon coated LFP(LFP/C).There are three basic reactions during the sintering process of LFP/C,including the carbonization of carbon source,reduction of Fe3+and decomposition of the Li2CO3 using the raw materials above.These reactions connect with each other and all release gas.In this paper,we have studied the generation of gas during the synthesizing of LFP using in-situ MS.We find different gas releasing process with different carbon content.The particle size and the electrochemical performance have significant differences between two kinds of LFP/C with different carbon content.The results indicate that the carbon content should be carefully controlled to ensure perfect performance.
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