TitleMartin on discourse semantics, genre, educational linguistics
AuthorsMartin, James R.
Gao, Yanmei
Li, Hanbing
Song, Chengfang
Wei, Minglong
AffiliationUniv Sydney, Dept Linguist, Camperdown, NSW, Australia
Peking Univ, Sch Foreign Languages, Yiheyuan Rd 5, Beijing, Peoples R China
Beijing Univ Informat Sci & Technol, Sch Foreign Languages, Beijing, Peoples R China
Univ Int Business & Econ, Sch Int Studies, Beijing, Peoples R China
China Natl Aviat Fuel Ltd Northeastern Co, Beijing, Peoples R China
Issue Date2021
AbstractJ.R. Martin is a leading scholar who has greatly developed the theoretical framework of systemic functional linguistics (SFL) over the past four decades. Some of these contributions, such as the systems of discourse semantics, the appraisal framework and genre relations have been widely applied in various areas of linguistic studies and language education. The educational linguistic model he and his colleagues have cultivated and developed has attracted the attention of more and more educators from different disciplines around the globe. In this interview, he firstly elaborates on the significance of the concepts of discourse semantics, grammatical metaphor and genre. Then he continues with applications of genre theory in secondary school education, language maintenance, the relation and collaboration between Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) and SFL, and how the two paradigms complement each other. Finally, he introduces some of his recent collaborations with grammarians of different languages.
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